Captain, thirty years service in the GCP 11 Choc 'Action Direct' of the French Intelligence Service.

Ten years experience in commercial security industry.


Senior Risk Adviser and Instructor, Human Intelligence, Presidential Security, Risk Management


Accredited examiner Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)


Intelligence Officer, twenty-six years service & experience Special Forces, National Intelligence, Presidential Security, and Commercial Risk Consulting Sector.

Lecturer in Risk, Crisis and Emergency Management. 

Senior Risk Adviser, Developing Risk Policy for Norwegian, Swedish, Irish and UK Oil and Gas Producers. 


Entrepreneur, founder of Àrdaich Private Capital, and listed group of oil, gas, and mining service 



General of the Army

Officer of the Legion of Merit

22 SAS and 'C' Squadron, Troop Commander

Regimental Commanding Officer

Staff College Commanding Officer

University Lecturer, High Command, Strategy, Risk & Crisis Management 


Former Special Forces, University Lecturer in History & Political Science.


Project Management Professional and Master of Cyber Security.


Close Target Recon CTR & Drone Specialist